Monday, February 20, 2006

Images of the Culture War

These are some images sent in regarding the clash of culture in our society. Imagine that...the Dixie Chicks...some good old girls singing country songs have the aducity to make a political statement! Ha!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Culture kabob 1

February 17:Man...How did we make it through Valentines?

The Hallmark snipers were everywhere! I took a surface wound and only had to get a card from me and one from the dog. Never been happier to see the sunset.

This site is about all the ridiculous things we see around us that represent culture war that's being handed to us by our political and religious right and left.

What I propose to do is to use pictures taken by me and sent to me by you the reader that represent what you think is a either serious confrontation of the culture wars or better yet a humorous one. A picture of a truck with a Ducks Unlimited bumper sticker with Dick Cheney in the background with a shotgun comes to!

So let's get started....Send me pics that you feel are representative of where different cultures meet. I may add a caption or edit yours but will absolutely credit you by first name and where you're from unless you fear for your safety.